24 May 2013

Guilty Pleasure: Nicholas Sparks

I'm a reader. 
If that wasn't obvious then I don't know what is.
And I love literature that covers great social and psychological questions. I love a book where you can tell that the author really worked to make the novel a thinker. I don't just read mindless novels. I like symbolism and the confrontation of questions that humans have wondered throughout time.

For example, my favorite authors are Fitzgerald and Hemingway, and I absolutely love the beginner of the women's movement: Jane Austen. But, sometimes I just want a fairy tale. I want mindless reading that fulfills fantasy and hope. That's when I look to Nicholas Sparks. 

The Longest Ride comes out in August

Yes, I know most of his books have similar basic plots and are predictable. I know that they aren't deep and don't really make the reader think or engage them in any pondering of human nature. But, for a beach read, Nicholas Sparks is perfect. For a mindless read, he's perfect. For when you just want to fall in love, pick up one of his books.

Nicholas Sparks novels are 100% a guilty pleasure of mine. I don't really like to admit that I read the books and I often criticize people if his books are the only ones they read. I mean, it's not real literature. He writes for money and movie deals, but sometimes you just need to live vicariously through someone else's love stories. Since his book are usually based in the South, they're especially good for the beach or any fantasy of being south and falling in love.

Yes, I'm ashamed of my love, but I'll keep on reading because I'm a hopeless romantic