28 May 2013

The Bucket List

I've never really been one to make a list of things that I want to do or see...
I guess the one thing I'm a bit spontaneous about in my life is my planning. I know, it makes no sense. But I just pick something or someplace randomly and plan from there! 

Then I got to thinking: if I don't think about the things I want to do and see, I may never be organized enough to see them all!

Enter, the bucket list. I'm working on a more extensive one, but I've got a few things though up to start with (in no particular order)

1. Go on a ridiculous shopping spree after my first big paycheck
2. Spend a summer with friends at the beach
3. Take a winter trip to Switzerland
4. Go to the Kentucky Derby... and the Carolina Cup and the Breeder's Cup
5. Do a day in the life of Blair Waldorf and visit the NYC spots that she frequents
6. Move South!
7. Spend every weekend of one summer at a different amusement park
8. Buy an ungodly amount of books to put in my home library I will someday have
9. Cook a bunch of meals and hand them out to the homeless people in the city
10. Visit D.C. in the spring
11. Take a EuroTrip all over eastern Europe
12. Watch all the Harry Potter movies in a row

To be continued...