05 May 2013

Inspiring Women

It's such a wonderful time to be a woman. Historically, women have not always had the bet hand at life. Women have come into their "glory days" lately and have been embraced by the public as role models. Unfortunately, most of the the women looked to today are anything but a role model. Their morals are shot, their self-image obscure, and their love life nothing to be jealous of.
Then there's Princess Kate.

Kate Middleton has been an absolute favorite of mine since I was a young girl and she and William had started appearing in public together. She is such a class act; a woman of grace, kindness, and happiness. She exudes confidence. She and William are a wonderful pair and have both made sacrifices to be the best Royal Couple that they can be. Although in the spotlight, Kate has never appeared shy or upset with the media. She always has a smile on her face and is dressed to the nines. 

Princess Kate is an inspiration to me and, I'm sure, millions of other women. Who wouldn't want such a fairytale life? Plus that hair and body! Her social work and connection with the public are worth endless praise. Her every step is full of grace- a trait worth desiring. 

It's not often that the Royal Family changes, but my lifetime will be able to see a Royal wedding and birth... if not multiple! I can't wait to see what becomes of the newer, younger, less conservative (but still  traditional) Royal Family. There isn't a woman I'd rather look up to than the beautiful Katherine. The attitude with which she carries herself is one that I hope and pray I will be granted with in the future.

There is truly no one classier than Kate.