04 May 2013

On a Budget

One of the hardest goals I've set for myself is to budget my spending.

I never used to be a big spender. In fact, I was always one to save and save and save until I could buy something really cool! But, then I got a job, a steady flow of money, and discovered the world of online shopping. Enter, my shopping addiction.

My first goal was to begin saving 10% of any amount of money that goes into my bank account. Not a hard goal. Actually, I've been saving more than 10% on average and have allotted this saving to future indulgences... in college. Hey! A stressed girl needs some retail therapy.

I got this app, Mint, which has been so eye opening! It makes pie charts of all categories of spending, allows you to set budgets, and really helps plan for the future! As nerdy as it sounds, It's kinda fun to play the "game" and watch my savings go up while my spending goes down. It's kindof horrible with summer collections coming out... but the waiting and saving and thinking about my purchases has saved me a ton of money. And, I'm happy that I can save money now so that I can "live large" later!

But seriously, this goal hasn't been easy at all. I want so badly to buy some new Jack Rogers or Lillys. The thing is, I can! I just have to wait, budget, and enjoy at a slightly later date. The dresses will still be there in two weeks, and it'll be much warmer so that I can wear them then, too.

While saving and budgeting may seem like something for a 30 year old to do, 
good habits lead to a good future :)