09 May 2013

Tech Savvy

Is it wrong that I want an iPad just so I can buy cute accessories for it?

definitely lust-worthy

Okay so that's totally not the only reason but seriously! Look how cute this Kate Spade case is!
If you follow the blog, you know that I've been lusting over an iPad. I know, it seems like old news but I really just can not decide if it's worth the money! I just got a beautiful new MacBook, I have an iPhone... I don't really know how much I'll use an iPad. But, at the same time, I know that I'll use it if I get it. 
It'll probably come down to how much money I get for graduation and if I can afford to buy one. And then, if I can... the question is do I get the full size or the mini? 

Apple is killing me with all these choices!

I need help! Would an iPad, mini or full size, be of use to a college student?
Should I go for it?

p.s. is this not the cutest flash drive? and in Purdue colors, no less?