15 May 2013

Back to the Jazz Age

So, it's not a secret that the Great Gatsby movie has been kindof a big deal.
I mean, the cast and classic story have provided the hype. Companies, though, are cashing in big time on this sudden obsession with everything 1920s and I am absolutely in love!

From Brooks Brothers to Tiffany and CO., I am drooling!

Can we just take a moment to admire this beautiful piece of jewelry? If anyone has a spare $50,000... graduation is coming up and I'll gladly accept this wonderful gift :)

But seriously! In a time where it seems like kids are growing up faster and life is getting trashier, this movement back to the Jazz Time, the time of abundance and freedom, is just what we need. The early 1900s is my absolute favorite time period, with all of the carefree agendas and the flapper fashion! I love that people's eyes are being drawn toward that style rather than super short shorts and crop tops. 

The Great Gatsby epitomizes the idea that "classy girls have more fun"