03 May 2013

Put a Ring on It

So, probably not normal but I like to find symbolism in everyday items. 
I wonder what someone's books choice may symbolize about who they are. Or if their mood correlates to a color they frequently wear... little bit of Freudian analysis going on in my daily life. 

One symbol that I absolutely love is the ring finger. 

Sort of really weird, I know. But I love it and all that it stands for!
My initial love for the finger was when I learned why it is used as the finger for the wedding ring, which is because the ring finger is the only finger that has a vein that connects it to the heart. That little bit of knowledge has spurred this liking (read obsession) for this tiny little finger that really doesn't mean a lot to people. In fact, I love this so much that I got a small tattoo on the palm side of my ring finger, to remind me of this finger-heart connection.

I'm not married and don't plan to be for a long while, but the connection still means so much. Symbolically, I see it as a finger of passion. A finger that connects the passions and aptitudes in your heart to a body that can do things and fulfill dreams. When I see that tattoo, I remember what it is that I love doing and where I want to be in the future; what I do each and every day can bring me joy as long as I am reaching the life that I love and am doing what I'm passionate about.

For the future, the ring finger is the weakest of the fingers. It is dependent on the strength of other fingers to move and doesn't have it's own tendons. It cannot act alone. I see this as a symbol for youth into marriage. When we are young, we are dependent on our family. We need help and we get it! But, when that ring is placed there, while the individual finger gets no stronger, there is something there. There is a ring/ person there who has vowed to love and cherish you and your life. 

Why do I love silly things like this so much? I don't know. 
What I do know is that this finger, while weak and dependent, is beautiful and we couldn't function without it. It has a purpose. If looked at the right way, even the most "useless" or dysfunctional aspects can be so wonderful. My Freudian way of viewing the world and its symbols may not be the best way to go about life.... but hey! I'm happy and find joy in the little things.

Even if it is just a finger.