31 May 2013

The Turning of a Page

Today is my high school graduation!

It is absolutely insane to think back four years to my freshman year and just how much has changed. High school houses some of your most life-changing moments: first finals, getting your driver's license, prom and homecoming, the sports, the friends, and oh my- the drama! But, for better or worse, I've grown to love my school and all of the kids in my class. People always say that you'll leave in a better place than you started. That couldn't be more true. I've lost some people, but gained even more! 

I've gained responsibility, friendships. and mentors. I've learned what it's like to work a part-time job (an even better incentive to go to college!) on top of school work. I've learned what it takes to be a real friend... and what to look for in a friend. I've made some of the greatest memories and some of the biggest mistakes. I've traveled and learned. I've dug deeper and am on the path of really being the person that I'm capable of being, and it's crazy to think that I may have to do it all over again!

These upcoming years are going to be even more soul-searching and developing into the woman that I can become. I'll learn so much about myself, others, and my field of study. I've got college athletics, greek life, and internships  to look forward to. I couldn't be more excited!

As an official high school graduate, here I go. Into the world of college!