15 July 2013

Fit Girl Food Obsession

I am home from vacation, and my hiatus is officially over!

Naturally, vacation always inspires me to try new foods. And I've come back loving:


Now, avocados aren't a "new" food to me. I've loved guacamole for a while and I enjoy avocado on my hamburgers, salads, etc. But, now my love of avocados has reached a whole new level. I've been home for two days and I've emptied my family's store of avocados. Luckily, avocados are one of the best foods one can eat. They're high in calories, so I've got to be careful. But, they're just so refreshing and yummy!

Try my new avocado breakfast favorite: two eggs fried how you like with half an avocado, add salt, pepper, seasoning to your liking

What foods are you loving this summer?