22 July 2013

Summer Concerts

Summer means late nights, hot weather, and... concerts

I've definitely topped any record that any summer has held for number of concerts. In fact, my first night of the summer was spent at a concert, and I've kept the tradition. They're such a fun way to be with friends and hear great music! I'm not really picky on concert music or ticket price. In fact, I've spent every concert, but one, this summer on the lawn. There's more room and you can bring food, walk around, and inevitably meet people! Not to mention they're the cheapest option...

My concert list has ranged from country to pop to rock... and I think I might hit 10 concerts before the summer is over. Here's a re-cap of some of my concert pictures

I do struggle a bit with the fact that I work to buy tickets to see bands who work as entertainers. But, at the same time, I love music and find well-written music to be one of the greatest works of art. 

It wouldn't be summer without some concerts!