05 July 2013

25 Random Facts

One of my most watched YouTube subscriptions, Sarah belle, recently did a 50 random facts video.
I thought that it seemed kinda fun, but since I don't do videos...

here we go!
and I shortened it to only 25 facts because I'm not that interesting.......

1. I was born and raised in the suburbs
2. My Meyers Briggs Type is ISTJ

3. I tend to gravitate towards Navy and hot pinks when I shop
4. I hardly ever wear eyeshadow
5. I have a HUGE sweet-tooth and my biggest weakness is ice cream :)
6. I love to read
7. If I could live any other life, it'd be the life of Blair Waldorf
8. I have always loved dogs and got my dog for my 10th birthday (and we share a birthday- October 11)
9. I've never been a hug fan of jewelry, but I love my Marc Jacobs watch
10. The last time I got stung, it was 4 wasps at the same time. They got tangled in my hair while I was laying out- I will never lay out with my hair down again.
11. I love sweet tea, but I have to limit my intake......
12. I was in a building that got hit by a tornado, but I still love storms!
13. Sometimes I'll spend money like it grows on trees but other times I've got to really think about spending any money
14. My last relationship was 3 years ago. I've been very single since then.
15. I love my parents and family
16. I am one of 10+ family members who went to Purdue
17. I don't really believe in luck, but I do believe in destiny
18. I am very very organized with all aspects of my life
19. My strictest budget is for Starbucks.....
20. I'd much rather speak in person than texting or on the phone
21. I love running and working out, especially at night
22. If I could buy only bags the rest of my life, I probably would
23. I really love Italian food- like a lot.
24. I love to travel and hope to make it to every continent before I'm 30
25. I use a seasoning called "Slap Yo Momma" on just about all of my food