24 July 2013

Wish List Wednesday

I love Wednesdays.

They're the halfway point of the week;
the point at which I can breathe. 
They're also the wonderful day where I get to organize what's currently on my never ending wish list.

The week where I can't post a wish list, because I don't have one, is the week that I've possibly reached sanity. But until then...

this bike. I saw it at my local C. Wonder and just died a little bit inside. Firstly, it took me back to the coolest place I've ever been- Amsterdam. Then I just thought about how fun it'd be to have at Purdue... until someone stole it or something. And then my heart broke: I looked at the price tag. I mean it's not out-of-this-world crazy expensive, but it's not so little that I can buy it and not worry that I might only ride it once before someone at school steals it. So I left the store, and decided to think about it. Five days later, it's still on my mind.

The J. Crew excursion vest. I've been coveting this vest since I saw it on Pinterest in around February. I know, a little bit late. But I love it so much and can't wait to see the colors and options for this Fall/Winter. You best believe that I will have 1... or all... of these.

This shirt is just so much fun! It costs about as much as the bike does... so not cheap. But c'mon! It's Burberry! And so fun. If I splurge on anything, it'll probably be this shirt. I've been in love with it since Burberry sent out their fall preview e-mail. It's wish list worthy- definitely!

A shorter list this week, but it's definitely a pricier week.
Oh well- a girl can dream can't she?