21 July 2013

Curse You, Forgetfulness!

I'm a list-maker, yes. 

But, one thing that I haven't quite gotten used to doing is to write down every good idea I have. It's so frustrating because I know that I had this thought, but I can't remember what it was. Not only that, but I think of myself of the least creative person ever. What's the cure for that? Oh right, taking advantage of the random creative spurts that I do have. 

So, for all things note- and reminder-related, I will now use Evernote. I've heard great things about the app for school and organization. I'm lost on how to use it up to this point, but I'll do the nerdy thing and read up on the program. I already like that anything I put on my iPhone will sync with my laptop... Not only for the blog but also school and life, I'm hoping that this will be a game-changer for my fear of note-taking on my thoughts. 

...Even though I'm not huge on change

Access this beginner guide here