18 July 2013

Net(Working) Girl

I've officially grown up: I just made a LinkedIn profile

I knew that I'd be making a profile sooner or later, with job fairs and connections becoming a huge part of these next years at school. I didn't think I'd be making one this early on, though; a sequence of events pushed me to just go for it! I don't quite have it all figured out yet, but I'm excited to network with companies and people that I meet. 

And who knows the connections I'll make? One girl, who is also a freshman at Purdue, shared a story of meeting two Disney Imagineers who offered her a job/ internship next summer based on her maturity. They connected on LinkedIn and now she already has a job set up before her first college class. LinkedIn is really the largest form of networking and is so beneficial in the world of work as well as college.

So, now that I feel like an old, working woman, I'm also excited for this growing up!
Here's to college, life on my own, learning, loving, and experiencing everything I possibly can..