31 July 2013

Top 5: July 2013

It's crazy to think that, if I had't graduated last year, my summer would be over today.
July 31? That's insane! 

In the spirit of my summer not ending, here's my top 5 favorite aspects of July 2013

1. Traveling
I've been everywhere from a caribbean cruise to Tennessee to Cincinnati over the last month. I've had less than two weeks were I've actually been home. The thing is, I love living out of a suitcase! I think hotel beds are so comfortable. And I love exploring new places by going on runs. If I could make an income by traveling the world, I would do it in a heartbeat! What's even more fun is that now my friends and I are to the age where we're planning our own vacations and getaways! So fun!

2. Preparing for College
I've had lists a mile long and books full of coupons. Shopping for college has been something that I've looked forward to all summer. But, now that I'm in the midst of it, it's stressful! What if I don't get everything? Do I actually need some of this stuff? So many thoughts go through my head and I've been  a little on-edge lately. One of the weirdest things was coming "home" from vacation and packing up my childhood room. I came to the realization that this will be my temporary home.. kinda weird. 

3. Grey's Anatomy!
My mom and I started watching Grey's and we immediately fell in love! It's kindof a problem because we choose to watch tv rather than be outside... but we justify it because we won't be able to watch together when I'm gone. So I guess that makes it okay? :)

4. Reading
Is this anything new? But seriously, I've flown through 4 books already in just this month! I think it was all of the traveling time and just relaxing time that I've had. I'm nowhere close to catching up with my to-read list, but I'm loving every minute of getting consumed by the stories I'm reading. I'm currently reading Girls in White Dresses as part of the Lauren Conrad book club. But I've got a stack of books to take up to school with me and I just can't seem to stop ordering them on Amazon. I might have a problem.

5. Friends
I have spent more time with my friends these past few weeks than the whole rest of the summer combined, I think. Lots of bonfires and pool days, throw in some lunch or dinner dates and you basically have my past two weeks down. I know that people always say that keeping your high school friends is rare, but I can't imagine life without these kids. They're my rock. My foundation. Whether we beat the odds or not, I'm going to take full advantage of this time with them. 

I guess the common theme here is that I'm getting anxious for college. I'm so excited, but the changes and sad parts of moving away are starting to become more and more apparent. 

It's scary, but here's to a month of change!