16 April 2014

New Sperrys

I've decided that it may finally be time for a new pair of Sperrys.

I bought my current pair freshman year of high school. Yes- my beloved pair have been through 5 springs and summers with me! I love when people see them and talk about how much character they have! They've been with me through multiple vacations and countess weeks in the sun. They're faded and creased... and I think they might smell kinda bad too, oops!

Part of the reason that I haven't bought a pair was the "I had them first" mentality. I got them before they became popular and before they came in the cheetah print/ sparkly variety. Once I saw that the awesome boat shoes became available in all these ridiculous colors and patterns, I refused to buy any of them. I really didn't like the look and felt like Sperry was "selling out" as a company.

But I've come full circle... or maybe half. Mostly because I just desperately need a new pair, but also because I understand the business motive behind appealing to everyone. The colors and designs have no doubt made the brand a household name and makes the selling out worth it. So, I have decided that I will no longer hold off on buying a new pair and have been browsing the site for which ones I like. (which isn't a hard task since I'm still going 100% classic)

I'll either get the Authentic Original or the Bluefish. I have the Bluefish now and it's great! I can't complain about a shoe that has lasted me 5 years and still feels as great as the first day. I've seen so many girls with the Original and the look is definitely more classic. After so many years with my beloved Bluefish, a change -up wouldn't hurt.

I definitely won't be buying these in the too-near future, but it's certainly on the horizon. I'm excited for a new pair of my favorite boat shoes, but I am not looking forward to the breaking-in process!