01 April 2014

Where I Work | Work Space Link Up

Midterms are over. Thank Goodness. 
But that means that finals are coming up.. and quickly! This next month is going to be hectic Between making sure I'm prepared to finish up to the school year to setting up summer jobs and projects, I'm overwhelmed just thinking about it. I don't know about you, but I like to keep everything within an arm's reach while I'm studying. Not having to get up and search for something keeps me productive and focused, both of which are absolutely necessary when all I want is to be outside enjoying the weather (yes, I said it. It's finally nice out here at Purdue). 

I ran across a linkup of different bloggers who are sharing their work spaces. I probably got more excited than I should have been about it, but I'm nosey like that. I love seeing how other girls organize and make the most out of the space they're given. I get so much inspiration- from drawer organization to artwork. It's all so much fun to me, so of course I wanted to join in and share my work space! 

I didn't re-arrange anything before this was taken. 100% what my desk
looks like on a daily basis

I keep any returned papers/ reference
papers in files for each of my classes.  
This tray is my catch-all. Paperclips, sticky
notes, and Organic structures!

If there's anything that I think sets my dest apart, it's that I always have paper within reach. I have notepads to jot down ideas or pre-write a response. I have sticky notes galore, which I use to mark up my textbooks or write myself reminders. You can also count on me to have lip balm of some sort and a drink at my desk- usually water or Diet Coke :) 

I didn't show pictures of my drawers, just because they've become the "attic" of my room. There's anything from notebooks to chocolate to movies in there and I have zero organization going. At some point, I'm going to go through it all and get it all together, but today was not that day so I apologize that I can't share that with you. 

But, there you have my desk. It's got everything I need to an all-day study session or quick bit of note-taking. If you'd like to join the link up, you can visit Prep In Your Step's post right here.