08 April 2014

Sunny Days

It may be raining right now, but you know what April showers mean...

right. May flowers. Sunshine. Spring. The subtle hints of summer. 
I've been planning spring and summer outfits for longer than I'd like to admit. And I'm praying it's warm enough for the Easter dress that I've been planning to wear. There's one thing that's missing from my wardrobe though- a big hat! I've recently been obsessively looking at them on the internet. From monograms to fascinators, it's the perfect season for 'em! 



Attending the Kentucky Derby is on my 21 Before 21 list... which means it has to happen either this year or the next. But April is all about horse races and I've actually gotten into watching them on tv, since Indiana isn't a very convenient place to live if one actually wants to attend. I've been dying over instagram and social media pictures- so many pastels and dresses and beautiful tracks & horses. 

My aunt and uncle have been attending races for longer than I can remember, and my aunt has so many fascinators. Maybe it's just Aunt Becky getting to me, but I think I'm going to have to get a hat at some point in the near future. So cute!