15 April 2014

Being Sick at School

Hands-down: getting sick at college is the worst thing.

As if feeling terrible weren't bad enough, I now have to take care of myself. If I want soup, I have to make it or go get it myself. No more calling mom or dad to bring me home a milkshake... and even my Netflix watching is limited (darn bandwidth limit). Being sick is no longer a chance to relax- it means that I can't go out with friends so I should probably work ahead on my school work.

That pretty much sums up this past weekend for me. Lots of sleeping, school work, and hot drinks. It was beautiful out but I was only able to enjoy from the open window; I didn't have the energy to go out and be productive. Being sick and only having myself to take care of me has been a huge learning experience. I still have yet to figure out the best way to numb a sore throat before I go to sleep (is that even possible? If not, it needs to be). But what I do know is that it makes taking naps even more reasonable. And said naps are fantastic. It makes the rare DQ Blizzard run even more of a treat. And, for the introvert in me, it was great to have a "reason" to make people leave me alone.

I've been lucky that I haven't really gotten sick this year. I credit that to the amount of time I spend outside. Even walking from class to class is enough fresh air to clear out both mind and body. It's been a tough adjustment for both myself and my momma. I can tell that she wishes she were able to be here to take care of me & I'd love to have her here. But I've also been able to learn about taking care of myself- keeping track of when to take more medicine and what kind has been a whole new learning experience for me. I even had to get my own prescription filled for the first time this year... probably a good thing for a pharmacy major to experience :) And even though I'm still learning, I'm also still here and thriving so I can't have been that bad!