03 April 2014

Top 5: March 2014

So, I actually had a hard time thinking up what my Top 5 favorites of this month were...

I'm not sure if it's because I was kinda in a "rut" this month (exams on exams on exams... plus huge assignments) or if I have been content with how my daily life is going. I've definitely been keeping my spending to a minimum in order to save up for summer concerts and upcoming Mother's and Father's Day gifts :) Which is great, except that I haven't been trying out all that much. So.. I've done what I can and I bring you my favorites of this past month.

5. David Nail album
I love me some country music, and David has definitely worked his was into my heart. It all started with Whatever She's Got, but the whole album is great and has been on repeat.

4. Water
Water is great. I still love my Diet Coke and, more recently, my Keurig Sweet Tea... but when I came back from winter break I told myself that I was only going to drink water in the dining court. It didn't work out too well until March came around and I realized that I should probably care a little about my "beach bod" even though I wasn't going to be at the beach at all on spring break. Cutting soluble sugars out of your diet (aka... sweet drinks) is one of the quickest and easiest ways to cut calories. If I need a little bit more, I'll slice some strawberries and put 'em in there. *ahhh so refreshing*

3. Lululemon Yogas Everything
I was noticing that my old yoga pants were getting a little bit worn... most of them are from freshman year of high school. No joke. I'd also been wanting to see what the Lulu hype was all about. Holes in my yoga pants + a desire to check Lululemon out= I bought a pair. Then two more. Yes folks, they are worth the money. When I put them on, I instantly feel about 2 sizes smaller. They're the most comfortable pants I own. Next, I want to try shirts and sports bras... because they're just so freakin' cute! 

2. Berries + Cliff Bars
Quick anecdote: I started this semester with an ungodly amount of dining dollars. This money I can use at any campus dining service, but are in addition to my meal swipes. Thankfully, I discovered the little grocery stores that will accept these dollars. 
I've had no problem spending my dining dollars this semester. I discovered fresh berries and cliff bars. They're the perfect "snack"/ meal replacement that doesn't leave me feeling sluggish or hungry. Since I got back from spring break I've really been trying to limit my sugar intake. Sure there are better things I could be eating to fix that sugar craving, but these do the trick in the most natural way (and they're the least harmful to my "diet"). Definitely some new favorites of mine. 
1. Traveling! 
There is nothing I love more than packing my bags and heading away from the midwest. Spring break was a chance for me to test traveling on my own- okay, I met my cousin in Cali so I wasn't totally alone. But it was the first time I'd navigated unfamiliar airports and streets alone. For the first time, I was able to kinda pick my schedule. I was able to determine how I wanted to spend my free time and money. My cousin and I definitely spent a lot of time sight seeing together, and I had him take me to typical West Coast places. But we had our time apart too. It was just what I needed in the middle of this crazy semester and it left me longing for more trips..
Other things I've been loving:
pistachios, pulling the Sperrys out again, running outside, ordering iced Starbucks drinks, my 6 ft iPhone charger!, understanding what's going on in my classes, PUDM Merch committee, reading (already on book no. 2 of the month!), discovering new blogs, Barrington Gifts (on my wish list), Dan + Shay album, Chanel Chance, thick headbands, and my new PurduePrep Instagram

What are your current favorites?