17 January 2014

Winter Wardrobe

It's cold out. It's really cold and snowy and windy.

I didn't like this weather when I lived at home and drove everywhere, so I certainly am not a fan of it now that I have to walk miles in it on a daily basis. The winter makes it hard to figure out what to wear- I need to be warm enough to not freeze on my walk to class, but layer enough to not melt once I'm in class. Yes, it's a daily dilemma and the fact that Indiana temperatures have been between -30 and 50 in the past two weeks doesn't make figuring it all out any easier.

So, then what have I been wearing? Sweaters. Lots of sweaters. Sweaters over turtlenecks and oxford shirts. Vests and big sweatshirts. Under a bigger coat. I'm silently thanking my parents every day for my Bean Boots and they are absolutely perfect for this weather!

via Classy Girls Wear Pearls

via Classy Girls Wear Pearls

via TooPrepToFunction

I wish I had the motivation to wear more than leggings or jeans and sweaters, but comfort and warmth is the only way I'm going to trek to class, so comfort and warmth it is. I'm constantly looking for new ideas on how to switch up this "uniform" of sorts, because I've unfortunately got a few months left of this weather...

all I want is to wear my Lillys and Jacks again!