06 January 2014

Snowed In

I will be the first to say that I despise the cold and anything that goes with it.

Snow, coats, hats, shivering bodies... it's all bad to me. That makes this chill going through the country very, very sad for me. Highs in the negatives and snow to my knees isn't exactly what I signed up for (and is exactly why I want to move south!!). But, if I'm going to be stuck in the house and possibly without power, there are definitely ways to take advantage of the lack of human contact.

In absolutely the spirit of my Year of Positivity, I am prepared to make lemonade out of lemons and take advantage of this weather in the most positive and enjoyable way possible. I have no reason to get out of bed before 11 am, I can watch Netflix for hours, and catch up on my reading. Even though I hate playing in the snow, I can watch my dog frolic while I sit in my pajamas all day and drink warm drinks. The snow justifies the continued watching of holiday movies (good thing I just bought The Holiday for $4!!). The cold makes my mom want to plan a vacation in the sun, so I'm able to snuggle up with her and look at vacation rentals. And, perhaps my favorite aspect of the snow, I can justify giving my hair and skin a much-needed break with no styling or makeup for a couple of days! 

Sure, it gets boring and I feel incredibly unproductive. I'm longing to get back to Purdue... where I might willingly go out in the snow if it means sledding with my friends there! But when I'm not forced to be out in the sub-zero temperatures, I can relax and enjoy the time with family that I have left before we all go back to reality!

What are you doing these snow days?