27 January 2014

The September Issue

Yes, I am aware that this documentary is old but that doesn't make it any less good

The September Issue was filmed in preparation for the 2007 Vogue September Issue, the magazine's largest issue each year. It's referred to as the "Bible" of the fashion world and is put into planning six months before it actually goes to print. Each year, the issue grows- the largest being 2012's 900+ page magazine. Full of huge spreads and some of the best articles Vogue has ever put out, it's a big deal.

Knowing this, I figured it was about time that I sit down and see this film for myself. And it didn't disappoint. Anna Wintour, of whom "The Devil Wears Prada" was written, didn't disappoint- she was just as opinionated and determined as I had been expected. Her trademark hairstyle and sunglasses rule the fashion world, as was apparent in the documentary. But I came away from these two hours with great respect for another leading lady who doesn't quite get the recognition that she should:

Grace Coddington. She's the stylist and creative director of American Vogue. Yeah. She's a huge deal. She runs the biggest shoots for each issue and is one of the few stylist who still is willing to get on her hands and knees to physically style a model to her liking. She was a model until she was in an accident that ended that career. Luckily, she found her place at Vogue and graces the pages with her fantastic, creative eye.

She's also the only person brave enough to stand up to Anna. She isn't afraid to advocate for her ideas and views, even when she has Anna's harsh words on her mind. The documentary captured this pretty well, and made me respect Grace so much more. She's the kind of powerful, passionate woman that I hope to become- one who isn't afraid to stand up against perhaps one of the most powerful women in fashion and tell her that she is wrong. It's incredible, and I am forever a Grace Coddington fan now.

If you're into fashion, history, or Vogue, I highly recommend taking a couple hours to watch The September Issue. Even if it isn't your forte (which I'd hope it is at least a bit... since you're reading this blog), Vogue is such a well-known name around the world and the process of putting it together is fascinating! So much work, time, and heart is put into these historical September Issues each year and I'll definitely appreciate each that I get in the coming years.