03 January 2014

Monogram Everything... Especially Stationery

If there's one thing that doesn't need justification for monogramming, it's stationery.

Of course, I don't think monograms need any kind of justification. Period. And who doesn't love to write a letter that's more than just a store-bought package? I know that throughout the next few years, I'll be writing lots of handwritten thank yous- after interviews or shadowing opportunities, to professors who go out of their way to help me, to friends who help me though college life. So, when I was writing graduation thank-you cards, I told myself that I'd buy monogrammed stationery once I ran out... and guess who's out? :)

So I've been looking around for the best perfect  set- cute and cost effective! Let me just tell you, this is harder than I thought! So many options and choices to make that it's going to be a bit of a process, but I thought I'd share some of my favorites:
Design Darling
p.s. if you don't read Mackenzie's Blog, you need to! 


Okay, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't want every single set from Minted.
If I had to choose just one, it'd certainly be this Paris Vintage print... bows and French? 

I haven't got my heart set on one look yet, and I'm still making up my mind which means that I'm looking to my fabulous readers to help me out! Which of these three do you like? Or, do you have a recommendation of your personal favorite? 

If so, I'd love to check that out!