23 January 2014

Valentine's Day

I'm not sure how I feel about the looming Valentine's Day, and seeing the aisles of pink and red candy at the store today definitely didn't help.

I guess it's because I haven't really had a memorable Valentine's Day in a while, but I just try not to get any hopes up. I'm not expecting flowers or grand gestures. I'm not counting on getting asked on a date, and I'm not planning to pressure any guys into any of this either. In fact, if Mother Nature would love me and give me 80 degrees and sunny that'd be a good enough February 14 for me! 

But, my lack of significant other doesn't mean that I'm left out of the mailing lists and posts about great gifts and ways to treat your love. And I can't help but at least look at it all- because one day I'll be married and always have a Valentine. There are no bitter thoughts right now, just some wishful thinking and a lot of lusting over the beautiful red and pink items from my favorite stores. 

/Tory Burch/

/Kate Spade


/Pink by Victoria's Secret/

/Marc by Marc Jacobs Beauty/

Of course, I'm always a fan of chocolate, too ;-) I'm just saying that, if I were a guy shopping for my girl, this is what I'd be looking at! Everything is cuter in a bright pink, and a pick-me-up is certainly necessary after all this dreary and cold weather.

It's almost better to have no expectations and rock pink & red anyways!