09 January 2014

Top 5: December 2013

As per usual, I have a list of my favorite products, clothing, etc from the month of December.

I apologize that I am over a week late on this post... I had planned on it being another youtube video, but my novice skills at editing resulted in me deleting the whole video. I was able to recover the video but I must not have used a high enough resolution because it was choppy and pixel-y. Beginner's bad luck, I suppose. I kept planning to re-film or something, but time got away from me and I wanted to get this post up, so it was just easier for me to sit down and type it up. 
my apologies. 

But, without further ado... here are my top 5 favorites from December 2013! 

5. Jergens Natural Glow Tinted Moisturizer
I bought this after looking at some pictures of myself and just thinking "wow! I look so pale". Because I have no real reason to tan right now, I wanted to save money and my skin. I did some research and found this moisturizer, which works a lot like the self-tanner lotions for the body. I use a small amount  after I exfoliate my skin, and my face has gradually grown from pasty pale to having a very tiny- but noticeable- glow that suggests that I have actually been out in the sun. One thing to be sure of with any self-tanning products is to use them for a few days and then take a day or two off, just to keep from looking too orange or artificial. It's winter, so nobody is expected to be a bronze-y tan... But a nice glow to remind everyone that you aren't a walking corpse never hurt! 

4. Sex and the City/ The Carrie Diaries
What's a girl to do to recover from school? Watch hours of Netflix and old shows. I managed to finish season 2 of SatC early on in December, but the price for season 3 on Amazon is much higher than what I paid for the first two so I'm holding off. Naturally I turned to Netflix and started The Carrie Diaries, which I love. Maybe it's because I'm liking a show that I can actually follow in TV for once (I have a thing for catching on after the show is already taken off the air) or being able to follow Carrie before she became the well-known NYC writer. It's a fun, relatable show that will hold me off until the season 3 price of SatC drops back below $10. 

3. Rings
It feels like I've been talking about rings quite a bit lately, but I'm not sorry one bit!! Over the past month, I've grown to love these little bits. They're perfect for adding personality when it wouldn't otherwise be appropriate to go crazy with the outfit (formal job interview) or for a little fun addition to an otherwise boring leggings-and-sweater outfit (that I have been living in lately!). They're so easy to pop on and I love that I don't have to pick a favorite- because wearing 3 or 4 doesn't seem like "overdoing it". I have one monogrammed ring from Marley Lilly, but my others come from Kate Spade! I love the Kate Spade options and know that they are good quality (i.e. they won't leave a blue/green ring on my finger). I'm sure my collection will be growing in the coming year! 

2. Alice + Olivia Mug
This was the one thing that I told my sister to get me for Christmas. So, yes, I have only had it for a few weeks and only one week in December. But, from the moment I opened it it was a favorite! I now drink out of it every day- it makes me feel sassy and fun! I can't wait to get back to school and carry the fun lil mug around campus :-)

1. Benefit Boing Concealer
Okay certainly not the most exciting way to round out a "Favorites" list, but it is the truth. For some reason, my face decided that this past month was a great time to break out. Everywhere. My forehead, around my nose, my chin, the corners of my mouth. It's been just gross! I hardly have skin troubles, so it was lucky that I even had concealer (since it's not a normal part of my beauty routine). It's safe to say that this month I've learned how to hide those little monsters and keep my face looking healthy and happy- which makes me happy! And that is precisely why the Benefit concealer has been my favorite "thing" of December 2013!

Since this post was originally a video, I have more than 5 things that were my favorites for the month. Like a typical YouTube video, I had categories and multiple favorites for each category. Because I'd still love to mention these...
I give you the Honorable Mentions:
1. Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Thankful
2. Tarte LipSurgence in Pouty (yes, still a favorite!)
3. This song

4. Marc Jacobs Daisy
5. Patagonia Fleece Pullover
6. Kate Spade Shoes 

Thank you so much for being patient and bearing with my lack of knowledge in the video department! Hopefully January 2014 (!!!!) Favorites will actually be a video... and I hope to get a few up in between, too!