30 January 2014

In Defense of the Photoshoppers

The crazy amount of photoshop that is used by magazines and designers has caught a lot of attention recently from different groups wanting to stop body hate for young women.

And, while I don't disagree with the fact that sometimes photoshop is used when it isn't needed, I think it's a little ridiculous to fight the ad companies on this one. Because, let's be honest- there's an image that sells and companies aren't going to stop doing what brings in revenue. Designers have a distinct look they're going for, and if a tattoo or pimple doesn't quite meet that look... *photoshop*. Also, let's take the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show into account (just because that's probably the most guilt-provoking events of the year) - those models are naturally built with long, lean bodies. They're toned and fabulous with or without touchups. Oppositely, beauty and perfection can be "taken away" digitally, too. A la Tom Ford or Marc Jacobs, the darker more edgy look isn't always met by the It Girl models... so they add the edge- darker, yellowed skin, tattoos, that sexy tired eye. There's only so much makeup can do to match any given idea or "look". That look is what agencies look for, so those naturally graced with the genetics that Sell book the modeling jobs. 

Because of these factors, I really don't see photoshopping as bad. Yes- I'm more likely to buy something if it looked good in the picture. If the clothing didn't sit right, didn't have the desired shape, or just didn't look right on the model then it definitely won't look right on me. I already know that I don't have a model's body, but I'll have higher hopes of clothing/makeup/etc looking right on me if it looks good on someone else. That's just the truth and I can't be the only one who thinks this because I've witnessed "outfit stealing" between girlfriends or peers. If we like the way it looks on someone else there's a better chance we'll try it on ourself. 

I've also read where models apparently "don't like being photoshopped". I totally understand this if it's a major job that would require plastic surgery, but defining abs or jaw lines and removing blemishes... who wouldn't want that? Even the most beautiful women have insecurities and there's no way they want them shown off to the world. If I were an underwear model, I'd want rockin' abs and awesome legs without starving myself or spending my days at the gym.

I may be the only girl who supports digital retouching, and so be it. Obviously, I think it's important to live a healthy lifestyle and to understand that the images we see in ads aren't realistic- so we shouldn't kill ourselves over some stretch marks or a few extra pounds. In fact, photoshopping allows for our oh-so "unhealthy" models to be healthier. Eat more and worry about fitting in a size 00 less, because photoshopping can perfect the image that's desired. Yeah, yeah maybe I'm missing the point and the who point of this movement is to have a more realistic outlook on our bodies. But hey, skinny sells and until that's changed we have to accept that technology is going to take the place of anorexia. And I don't see that as a bad thing....