28 January 2014

Sunny & 75

It's gotten to the point that 27 degrees feels comfortable and walking to class in anything above 0 degrees makes for a good morning...

which is ridiculous. I know I've been complaining about the cold so much on here and every other form of social networking. So I'm sorry. But I'm not. Because this is like living in my own little Hell. Luckily I've been blessed with warm socks, boots, and coats... and I have an excuse to wear these adorable Kate Spade gloves that I got for Christmas. But, that doesn't mean I'm not longing for sunshine and sun dresses. Enter, my vacation plans!

This just in: I'm going to Pasadena, CA for spring break! This is going to be the first spring break I've had in a very long time that I'm not going to just be on the beach... and I'm kind of excited! My cousin has kindly agreed to let me become one of his students for a week. Yes, that means that I'll still be "going to school" for my spring break, but it's in California. But I'm still looking for some fun things to do while I'm there...
the Ellen Show
Rodeo Drive
Homes of the Rich and Famous Tour
West Coast Eating

I'm definitely more of a East Coast/ Southern type girl, but a week on the West Coast will do no wrong. I'm determined to try In-N-Out and all the other stereotypical California things! I certainly am doing my research, but I'd love to hear any other ideas for my spring break trip.

What are your LA/ Pasadena "must dos"?