22 February 2013


What Would Blair Do?

By Blair, I mean THE Blair Waldorf. (Has my Gossip Girl obsession gone overboard?) The fabulous, scheming, Blair. The Queen. Whatever it is you know her by, you must know what I mean by WWBD?

While Blair isn't always the most pragmatic or kind, she possesses a sense of self-worth that I envy. She expects much of herself and those around her. So much so, in fact, that she appears standoffish because of these expectations. When matched with someone of her same power, she becomes loving and kind. She is constantly striving for perfection in her world and the world of others in a way that I find amazing. Of course, I am not a Blair in anyway. I'm quite the opposite: opinionated but quiet, a perfectionist but with less than perfect expectations of others. I strive to be more like Blair. I want to see the potential in all people; instead of seeing who they aren't, I want to see who they could be. I want to have a power like hers. I doubt I'd use it in the same way, but I'd like to have a taste of her authority. But enough about her crazy personality..what about that closet?!

If I could pull off half of the outfits Blair wears, I'd be perfectly content with my life. Blair is always polished to perfection and girly as can be. Her prep school uniform was always presentable and her hair always held back with one of her signature headbands. While Blair may not be your favorite GG character, (Serena was mine all through the books), I think there's a part of every girl who wishes she has been a part of Blair's group. 

Whose shoes would you like to step into for a day...or lifetime?