21 February 2013

Reading List: Water for Elephants

After countless recommendations, WfE has received the coveted top spot on my Kindle and I couldn't be more excited! I went into this book skeptical- I had only heard that it was a good movie about a circus. Literally nothing more. It had really good ratings on GoodReads, so I figured I'd give it a try. I have been more than pleasantly surprised.

The book, while about a circus, is much deeper than just that. There is love, tragedy, and a real sense of loss due to the depression. There are struggles and fights, stress and tears. It's obvious that the author really took the time to research the time period and the circuses of the day. This book really sucks me into the time period, which is something that I've had a hard time finding since the beloved Harry Potter books. 

The worst part about finding a book so enjoyable is the lack of time I have to read. Between school, work, and extracurriculars, I've lost almost all sense to self. Any down time I have, I want to just be lazy and watch GG. I guess I could be reading during that time, but it's so hard when every GG episode ends with a cliff hanger (every SINGLE one!!!!!). But, I have been trying to spend more time reading and it's very enjoyable and relaxing. Water for Elephants is a great read to escape my crazy busy life and get caught up in someone else's world.

Even though it's taking me a while to read, don't let that scare you away. If you love a good read I'd definitely recommend WfE. You won't be disappointed!