19 February 2013

Spring Scents

It's been unseasonably warm these past few days and it's getting me so excited for spring. I just imagine looking out the window and seeing the gorgeous flowers blooming and hearing the birds chirping. It makes me so happy! With all the visions of flowers, I started thinking about spring scents and what my 2013 Spring perfume is going to be. I have a few favorites for spring and one that is my year round go to.

I love finding a good perfume because it becomes a little bit of who you are.

These Clinique and Philosophy perfumes are both new for this year and they embody sun and flowers, to me. They're both pretty affordable and are light scents that are good for casual days or those days where you're missing the sunshine. They don't weigh you down and aren't going to overpower your outfit or personality. These are the kinds of scents I'd spray after the beach or pool to freshen up if I'm going to lunch or something like that. 

Chanel Chance and Marc Jacobs Daisy are my signature, go-to scents that I absolutely adore! I wear the original Chance daily, but the au Fraiche version is a twist on a classic that is perfect for the spring. It's flowery and sweet- just what I like! Daisy is a classic spring scent that I love and may or may not wear all year. :) It's fun and flirty while also being light and airy. These two are my absolute favorite scents and I highly recommend them for spring or all year.

Embrace the freshness of spring with these flowery scents!