24 February 2013

Top Five: February 2013

In celebration of my least favorite month coming to an end, I bring you my February favorites! These  five favorites cover a wide range, and have become a part of my daily life. Here we go...my February favorites!

1. Gossip Girl
I'm sure you could have guessed that, but seriously. Gossip Girl has become my new obsession and has become a part of every aspect of my life. From my love of Blair, to the way I dress and style my hair, to the books I read, I am inspired by the GG storyline. It grabs you and takes you with it, and I dare you to try avoiding it! I even received a hand-me-down from my cousin yesterday that, though she has no idea about my GG obsession, it fits right in: she gave me a Yale t-shirt that has been passed down for many years. I'm pretty sure I never want to take it off! 

2. Pistachios
This may be the weirdest favorite, but it's so true! I make this low-carb mix of pistachios, almonds, and dark chocolate chips, and it is a life saver! I talked about my Six Week slim down, and this is my little secret! Between this and my tea, I can satisfy my sweet-tooth, salty food craving, and keep to my diet. They aren't low in calories, though. I have to be careful with the amount I eat. But they are filling and oh so yummy!

3. Clinique Mascara
I've been a huge huge fan of Clinique products for the past few years. They aren't harsh on my skin at all, which is perfect because I'm not prone to acne or anything like that. It keeps my skin looking fresh and radiant! (ahh!) Lately though, I've been loving their makeup, which is just as perfect for my skin. Having red hair, my eyelashes a very light. Having the skin of a redhead, it's very easy for my eyes to look way too made up with minimal makeup because it looks so harsh against my light skin. The Clinique High Impact mascara is perfect! It darkens my lashes, but looks natural and not clumpy at all! And, major plus, it's waterproof!! I have a feeling that this will be my go-to for quite a while. 

4. Amazon
So, we all know that I have a serious online shopping problem.... Amazon does not help. At all. Of course I've used Amazon before this month, but never like this. It seriously has everything! All in one place. It's like Pinterest: it sucks up so much time and can leave you feeling like you need to buy and try all these new things. But with Amazon, it's all so readily available and can be on your doorstep in 3 days. And they're working towards same day delivery?! I'll never leave my home again..except to show off all of my new purchases, of course!

5. Pandora
Okay, I am not new to Pandora in any way. I way overused it when it first became popular, but then it fell off my radar. Until this month, that is. Pandora has seriously stepped up their free music and I've found a way around having to use the "skip" to skip a song...twice as many skips and hour! wooo! When I'm at home, pandora is what I constantly listen to. It's introduced me to so many incredible artists, all for free! Being the happy customer that I am, I'd like to see what ad free listening is like. and for only $3 a month, it's really not that unreasonable. The only thing that could make it better would be if it didn't suck up so much data and I could use it when I don't have wifi.

There you have it! This month has been surprisingly pleasant. I took a few personal days but worked more than usual, too. I made some new discoveries as well as reintroduce myself to the old. I'm welcoming the arrival of March, spring break, the sun, and the final months of my senior year! 

I can't wait to find next month's favorites!