06 February 2013

"Gonna Take Her Chances in the Big City of Lights"

I often think of what the soundtrack to my life would be. The thing is, it wouldn't be just one album or artist; I am quite the lover of music. While the mainstream music is nice (OneDirection is my guilty pleasure), I always get a sense of accomplishment when I find a really interesting group or artist before the rest of the world... I like to claim Ed Sheeran and Imagine Dragons as my finds.

My current "soundtrack" is the most recent album by Mat Kearney. It's very light and summery... if you can describe music as a season. :-) But really, it's been on repeat and just always makes me happy! I imagine laying on the beach with the crashing of waves as the background to this album and I'd definitely recommend giving it a listen if you're a fan of light-hearted music with meaningful lyrics.

Hope you enjoy some Mat in your near future.