10 February 2013

Perfect Sunday

Sundays are the days that I take completely for myself. I sleep in (until 8... I freak out if it's much later), take my time waking up, and then go for brunch. Sundays are the days where I don't care about my calorie intake or working out. I lay around and totally take a day off. It's the most relaxing, perfect day... probably my favorite of the week.

One thing that I make sure I have on Sundays is a cup of tea at all times. Seriously, I just make cup after cup. It's soothing and helps me keep time and stay productive- I drink about a cup per hour. When I make a new cup, I change up what I'm doing. I find this a completely okay way to manage my Sunday.  Besides my tea, my perfect Sunday typically includes:

1. Gossip Girl
While I watch too much during the week, it's almost sickening how many episodes I get through in a day. I don't even want to think about it.

2. Online Shopping
This is the real trouble. I always add more to my "to buy" lists while I'm doing some causal looking. My love of tea and online shopping decided to collide today and I found this on Amazon!! I think I fell in love with the Republic of Tea. They have every kind of tea for every imaginable use! From focusing to losing weight to sleeping, they've got you covered! And most of the teas include my favorite: Rooibos!

3. Homework
While certainly not my favorite use for my Sunday, it doesn't take that long and I can really start to enjoy it if I go to a cafe or study date. I really enjoy Panera (cinnamon crunch bagels... mmmmm) and Starbucks, but I sometimes go to places like Barnes & Noble too. Changing up the location of studying makes it a little bit more enjoyable while also making me more productive (weird, but more on that later). I like to plan lunch dates with LEM for Sundays and show up to the restaurant early. It lets me get some work done, and once LEM gets there, it forces me to take a break. 

4. Reading
My Kindle gets the most lovin' on Sundays. I can basically spend my whole day in bed, reading a good book... if I don't have someplace else to be or something else to be doing. I'm currently reading Water for Elephants, which I am absolutely loving! It's an easy read, but it definitely has some depth to it. You can keep up with all of my reading at my GoodReads website.

5. Family Time
Like most families, mine hardly sees each other during the week. Sundays are the days when we are usually all at home and can talk and catch up from the week. I absolutely love my family and love that we get these moments together, since I know that I won't be getting them very often once I'm away at college. For that reason, family time is one of my favorite aspects of Sundays.

I hope that you all enjoy your Sundays, and pick a day (whether it be Sunday, Tuesday, or Friday) to relax and do whatever it is that you want. While I understand business and know that you may not get a day like this every week, I emphasize the importance of slowing down, relaxing, and not living according to someone else for even just a moment. Enjoy family, friends, and a cup of tea :-) I've got to go and finalize some college plans... I'll be sharing my final decision soon!

What is your day off like?