13 February 2013

Six Week Slim Down!

I am quickly approaching that time of year: Spring Break!! I was counting down the days in class today and realized that I have exactly six weeks from today until I head towards sunny Sanibel Island. While that's exciting and it only lessened my concentration on the lecture, I realized how necessary it was for me to focus, focus, focus on getting my self prepared!

Not by shopping or tanning, but by getting healthy. I call this my six week slim down and I've been using it to recover from the horrific Christmas break eating since freshman year.

The Rules
1. Don't drink your calories! Water will become your best friend these next weeks, and don't forget tea to curb your sweet tooth!

2. Limit your carb intake to <100 carbs per day (making this a habit will increase your fat burning powers all year)

3. Fit cardio in when possible

4. Lift! Don't worry about getting bulky, as that takes a lot of work. Building muscle will get you toned and burn more fat while you aren't doing any physical activity

5. Reward yourself every once and a while. Once a week Starbucks? Don't sweat it. And work towards a goal. Mine? I want to be comfortable enough to buy one of the adorable Lilly Pulitzer swimsuits!

How are you preparing for Spring Break?