26 February 2013

Senioritis Strikes Again

So, I've been in class with the same group of people since 7th grade- I think it's okay to be ready for change! And by same group, not just my class, but the small group of advanced kids! Since 7th grade...not okay. I've worked so so hard all of high school to secure a competitive GPA and class rank while balancing a social life. It's not easy to do, and I've definitely experienced some stress-related problems (being sick, jaw tension, and migraines ), and I know college won't be any easier; one thing is for sure, though. It'll be a whole lot more fun!

While not conquering my senioritis in any way, I did manage to make a list of a few things I'm really looking forward to in college. I thought I'd share!

1. New Friends! Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore my current group of friends. But, as my cousin put it, high school friends only last until graduation. It's college that you build real relationships. I totally get where he's coming from: being on your own and having the chance to invent yourself however you want is a huge opportunity to meet all kinds of cool people. I've already had the chance to make my first college friend: my roommate!!! We've been texting and she's so cute. I can't wait to finally meet her  in person :)

2. Huge Dance Marathon! Those not familiar with Riley Hospital probably won't know anything about this, but DM's are huge in the midwest! They raise so much money for Riley Children's Hospital and are so much fun. The school I'm going to hosts a 16 hour long one that raised over $300,000 this past year and almost $1 Million in all years combined. It's an awesome fundraiser and is a huge part of campus activities in the fall.

3. It's no SEC, but I love fall football games. The tailgating, the dressing up, the fight song. It all gives me excitement butterflies and I just want to buy my season ticket right. now. 

4. Travel/ moving around is so exciting to me. I've always loved traveling and I'd love to eventually live out of state (Florida is calling!). I am going to complete my undergrad in-state to save money, but the planner in me is already looking at Pharmacy schools to apply to in two years. I'm looking east coast... I'd love to try going Ivy, but no schools have established Pharmacy programs. Rutgers, NYU, and Albany College of Pharmacy are all in the running, though! 

Like I said, I'm not helping my senioritis by making a list of the great things to look forward to in college... but it sure is fun! I've just got to remind myself to live in the now and enjoy it. The future will come in time.

How do you stay motivated?