04 February 2013

Why I Blog

I've never been an extremely emotional or open person.
Honestly, most of my closest friends don't truly know me. But the thing is, I find freedom in writing. I find that the most intimate details of my life become apparent to me over a cup of tea and some almonds. I'm not a star writer, by any means. I'm not going to school for writing... mostly because it won't support my lifestyle, but also because I truly want words to stay a part of my leisure and not a part of my work (Plus, I'm much more capable in other fields). But I thoroughly enjoy it. 
I enjoy the feeling I get when an idea just pops into my head as I'm writing. I feel as if I am most creative and productive with a pencil in my hand. (read: I'm a crazy brainstormer). And, as reliable as technology is, I just can't seem to totally trust it. And I've come to terms with the fact that my mind is the least reliable part of my body. So, I've grown accustomed to making lists and making sure that everything is written down on paper with a pen.

No matter what it is I'm doing, I like words. Writing, reading, and thinking can keep me busy and I hope that my words and thoughts can provide some entertainment to you as well! 

These notebooks are my new best friends.
(even better, I got all three for $6 when Target's Neiman Marcus collection went on sale!)