19 February 2014

What to Watch Right Now

I never used to watch a lot of TV... mostly because I'm really impatient. I don't like commercials and I don't like waiting a whole week for the next installment to a show. Sure, I watch the Kardashians every Sunday and maybe Saturday Night Live or the Voice, but I'm not invested in the show. It's fun when I catch it, but it's not the end of the world if I miss an episode. 

I just know that I can't get into something and then have to wait a week in between each new episode. This is exactly why I love Netflix. I think it's the greatest thing on the planet. And ever since I got my iPad, I've been using that to watch Netflix in bed which is just the best way to get myself actually into bed at a "decent" time here at school (my mind isn't in the "sleep" mindset until I climb into my bed, and so it's possible for me to stay down at my dest until 1 am and be tired... but not really feel it until the next morning). I still like to read or flip through a magazine before bed, but being able to tell myself that I need to get in bed to watch an episode or two of Netflix is a good motivator to start winding down. 

Lately I've been trying to play catch-up on some series. I love Grey's Anatomy, but I'm just so far behind that I know I'll never catch up so I don't stress about watching it. I ran out of Gossip Girl and the Hills episodes and am through the Netflix episodes of the Carrie Diaries, so I had been searching for new shows to watch. If you're in my same position, I'm here to give you a few recommendations! 

Okay this show is precious. I's Grey's Anatomy-Meets- Sex and the City- Meets Gilmore Girls. Okay maybe not, but it's got the medical bits, the romance bits, and the southern charm. I'm seriously in love with George Tucker and hope to marry a man just like him some day. Lemon wears the most perfect southern belle dresses, and Zoe is the perfect grown-up Summer (from the O.C., of course! ). This show puts me in the best mood and keeps me dreaming of the South and warmer weather. And, if you get caught up... and can bear it... it's still on tv so you can follow along! 

I've only watched one episode of this, but it's very West Wing with a bit of the Office. Politics and drama go hand-in-hand, and the best thing is that it's a Netflix original, so every episode is released at the same time. Can you say marathon?! 

So, this isn't a show, but it's a great documentary. If you're looking for something to occupy a couple hours of your time, this is it! It doesn't matter if you agree with his political stance or not, Mitt Romney and the Romney Family give great insight into a political campaign and all the behind-the-scenes details. 

Happy Netflixing!