04 February 2014

A Day in the Life

I've mentioned that this semester is shaping up to be something crazy...

And if you follow my Twitter, you're probably sick of hearing me complain about my crazy Organic Chemistry course and the cold. I hate to break it to ya- this is only the beginning. I also mentioned that I was trying to get on a schedule (which I've been successful so far, I think) and that I'd do some more "personal" blog posts. You know, about life and all that. Stuff moms like to read.. so this is for you mom!

I thought it'd be fun to walk you through a day in my crazy schedule. As you can see from the picture of my planner last week, I've barely had time to breathe. So on a normal day, I'll wake up two hours before my first class (unless my class is before 9:30, in which case I just sleep). I do this for two reasons- 1) is that I just like getting up and having a relaxed morning to plan out my day, watch the Today Show, read, etc. 2) Kendall usually starts an hour before me and I just get up when she does so that she doesn't have to feel the need to be quiet getting ready. It's a win-win and I've come to really enjoy my mornings... even though this cold makes me just want to stay in bed. All day. Unfortunately, college = classes and I have to get up and go. I got a great schedule this semester, though, so I can't complain. Most days I go about 9:30-1:30, give or take a couple of hours in the afternoon. I love that this leaves my afternoons pretty open. Some days I'll get lunch after class or go to the gym- I've faced my fear of the CoRec and try to go at least 4 days a week!

I try to sit down and focus on being productive from around 2-5/6, which is when I'll go to dinner or get ready to go back out. As you can see from my schedule, I had quite a few evening obligations... one every night this past week. These were mainly callouts and won't be a normal thing. But callouts get replaced by study sessions or club meetings, athletic events, or exams.. so I can usually expect to have an evening event 3 nights a week on a normal week.

I'll usually come home from whatever I had to do, change into comfy clothes, and do homework for another hour or two, at which point my brain is usually ready to give up. These are technically quiet hours in the dorm by this point, so some girls and I might watch a movie or hang out quietly in one of the rooms. Or, more recently I've been so tired by this point that I just grab a book and read until I fall asleep (or pretend to read but actually Kendall and I just talk and laugh until we both turn out our lights and go to sleep).

Okay, so after writing this out I realized that I sound like I have no social life. But I really do. I have a blast every day and am hardly ever bored. Yes, there are many hours of homework. No, I don't just do school from the moment I wake up. If I get lunch, it might last an hour and I might will probably eat too many cookies. The gym is as much a social event as it is physical, and callouts/study sessions are always more fun with friends. I have so much fun here at school and just to prove it:

awesome basketball seats thanks to
Caroline & the fam

Boiler Gold Rush will always be a great memory,
 and hopefully I'll get to help make memories
for incoming freshmen

Just trying to make Organic Chemistry as fun as I can

*if you don't need a selfie-break during studying,
I don't think you're working hard enough*

Honestly, this post is probably a waste of your time because I doubt you really care about my ridiculous schedule. But hey, I love reading posts like this- I like to hear how people schedule their days and what makes them love certain aspects of their schedule. It's a nerdy fun thing, so for anyone else out there like me, I hope you've enjoyed this little look into my life :)