05 February 2014

The Little Things

Everyone has those few things that they're very particular about.

I have a friend who uses that word- particular- to describe me. Because, apparently I have so many little things that I just need to be right. I don't deny it at all. But I also didn't think I was that bad about it until I started to plan this post and, well.... here's a fun list of all the things I'm very selective about:

1. Pens- Pilot Precise V5, in black
2. Nail Polish- Essie 
3. Jewelry- always a watch and the Tiffany bracelet from my mom
4. My hair- down, rarely halfway, rarely up
5. Mascara- Benefit They're Real
6. Punctuality- always at least 5 minutes early
7. Music- 99% of the time it's country
8. Green Tea- Tazo Zen
9. Eating- never alone
10. Lip Product- always have a moisturizer and color with me
11. Workout Shorts- Nike and have to come up enough on the sides
12. Sleeves- long or 3/4, absolutely no cap sleeves
13. Having my phone batter above 75%
14. Reading- always before bed at the very least
15. Sleeping- always with a cover but never with a sheet

I could probably go on and on about all the little quirks that I am absolutely adamant about, but this is enough to make me seem crazy enough for now. Do you have any weird little things that can really determine whether you have an "on" or "off" day?