21 February 2014

Spring Fever

I don't know what it is about spring that makes me instantly think of working out... Okay actually I do. Spring was track season. Spring was crisp runs even if it is 4 pm. Spring was morning runs on the beach during spring break. It was the time when days got longer, and everyone was buying gym memberships. I'd go to the gym with friends after school and then we'd ruin it by going to Starbucks to do homework. Coming out of the winter makes being outside in the fresh air so much sweeter. You know what also makes it sweet?

The workout clothes. We all know that norts are so much cuter than tights and pretty sports bras are more fun than layers and layers of black. I've been motivating myself to work out by looking at all the cute workout clothes and, trust me, I'm loving it all!

The one bad thing the corec has done for me is made me want to buy new workout gear! I see so many girls in shorts and shoes and leggings that I adore. This has naturally been very very bad for my online shopping problem, but I've been able to contain it so far! (I'm also apparently liking the pink/teal combo...) If I were to buy anything on this, it'd be those shoes. I've been needing new workout shoes and I wanted my next pair to be Brooks, but I never liked the colors they had. But these. These are a catch and they might just be the winners! 

What's your favorite workout attire?