17 February 2014

Girl Scout Cookie Appreciation

Um, yes it's Girl Scout Cookie season and these babies deserve their own post.

 #1, because they're great. They ruin spring break diets and go great with anything, anytime. #2, because they're just so Classic American that I can guarantee you almost every family in America will whip these out to snack on while watching the Olympics (just had to throw a shameless Olympics mention in, too). My mom was kind enough to bring me a box- and just one box so that I enjoy them and cherish them but also can't overindulge. Good thinking, mom!- and I waited less than 24 hours to break into the box.

But I was reminded of a somewhat funny conversation I had with a friend of mine who lives in Norway, and has lived there his whole life, that had to do with these cookies. When we first met, of course we compared cultures and asked each other about different stereotypes, the usual. And what I remember from that conversation? He didn't think Girl Scout Cookies were real! Like a lot of things, when you start to think about the details of something that's just so normal, it seems really weird. So the idea that young girls walk around to their neighbors and family members, offering them boxes of cookies is actually a really odd concept. Why can't the cookies just be sold all the time? Why do we have to buy them from girls at school or church or at a stand in front of Wal-Mart? Once I explained this to my Norwegian friend, it seemed so weird to me, that I completely understand why Europeans might assume these weren't real. 

I hope you enjoyed my little story...
And, as you're enjoying your cookies this season, remember that there are people who don't even know these little gems exist!