14 February 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Whether you're spending today with your loved one(s), girlfriends, or by yourself, I hope you take a moment to think about just how loved you are- and what you love

I 100% agree that the love shown today shouldn't be conditional to one day. Each day, I try to make at least one person feel loved... or at least smile. But that doesn't mean that it's wrong to have a day where this kind of loving attitude is encouraged. Of course, social media will be full of people on the extreme ends of both in love and bitter. Don't let that ruin today or keep you from waking up and feeling that you are fiercely loved. 

I am not in a relationship. I got flowers and chocolate from my parents and roommate. I do not have one person to exclusively love today (besides myself), but that doesn't mean that I plan to wallow in my singleness and cry watching romantic movies... okay maybe just one but c'mon. It doesn't mean that I'm not loved or appreciated. And I'm not going to go about this day thinking that. Not even close.

You may know exactly who you are loved by, you may not. You probably struggle to love yourself some days. So this is what I ask: enjoy this day. Eat the chocolate... and then one more piece. Wake up in a loving attitude. Love what you see in the mirror. Love who and what you see while walking down the street. Exude love and kindness from your person today. 

And, who knows, this may be the best February 14th you've ever had!