25 February 2014

Currently Loving...

It seems like the sun is shining more and more every day...

both literally and figuratively! Life here at school is so crazy, but so much fun. I'm putting myself out there, being vulnerable, and being open to almost any opportunity that comes my way. I'm so happy with the way things are going. Naturally, there are plenty of things I'm absolutely loving at the moment...

There's something about the early months of the year that screams great music. I've been looking at my summer plans and writing down all the concerts I want to go to this summer... luckily I'm going to see some fantastic shows (Luke Bryan twice, please). So, what am I listening to right now?

Well, here's a shameless plug for The Fray. Their newest album is out today and is great! It's a perfect balance of upbeat and somber. In typical Fray fashion, the lyrics are inspiring and deep. I'd recommend this one.

My current music loves wouldn't be complete without some country... and while I've been listening to artists individually here and there, there's definitely a standout. Cole Swindell, my man! I finally broke down and bought the album and it embodies spring and summer. The other day, I was listening to it walking around campus and couldn't help but think of Grand Prix week and how I'm sure more than half of this album will be blasting around campus.

I've been trying so hard to eat healthier.... and I wouldn't say I'm doing a great job. There's definitely room for improvement, but I finally broke into the tons of pistachios I've had in my room and OH MY GOODNESS why did I ever stop eating them?! I do not know but they're definitely a go-to for me. So easy to grab a handful as I walk out the door and I feel like I'm kindof doing myself a favor.

One of my goals this semester was to start studying with people. I've always been a solo worker, because I always ended up doing all the work and letting people copy me otherwise. But it's become apparent that people actually work *gasp* together in college. It's more a sharing of ideas than straight-up copying, and that's refreshing. My little bit of work with others first semester has renewed my faith and I've been reaching out to my peers for chances to study together. It's been fun, I've built relationships, and I've learned so much just in these first couple weeks.

Like I said, things are looking up! I can see the light at the end of this winter, I'm keeping my head above water in my classes, and I'm trying new things... which is what college is all about! I wouldn't be mad if things continued in this fashion.