30 December 2013

Coffee Table Books: Anthropologie

In this age of paper vs. print, I still find a great stack of books 
the most welcoming sight

I don't really have a need for coffee table or "display" books. I actually don't have a need, let alone space, for any more books. My bookshelves in my room are full and I keep forgetting to ask my mom if I can expand my collection to the family bookshelves... plus that just makes me feel old and more grown up than I'd like to feel. Regardless, when a clothing store has display books out I feel more at home. I could honestly sit in J. Crew or Anthropologie for hours just flipping through the books scattered around. So, the past week when I was at the mall yet thoroughly out of money, I could justify standing in Anthropologie and flipping through the books while my mom and sister shopped around. And, what did I find? 

hundreds of dollars worth of awesome books... as always

Okay, maybe not hundredS. All of these could be purchased for less than $150... but they're all so intriguing! 

To the end of my wish list they go, 
for when I have an actual coffee table and a place to display them.