05 December 2013

Social Media

one of my goals has been to become more socially active using well-known sites

I've had a twitter for a while, and now I'm branching out to Pinterest and Tumblr! 
I've used both platforms "privately"... or for myself... for some time, but now it's time to allow you to connect with me through these great social networks. I use both mainly for inspiration- fashion, writing, baking. I love being able to see what others are interested in and what they pin, as well as draw inspiration from places I certainly wouldn't have looked without the nudge from a friend's repetitive pinning. To make it easy, I have both my Tumblr and Pinterest pages linked below, as well as my Twitter again.


I realized that I left out my personal Instagram in the original post, and that's probably the form of social media that I have the most fun with. I'd love for you to follow my Instagram, and just for fun I'll give you a little preview of what you'll be seeing!

College Basketball from the Paint Crew View

she's no Teddy, but she sure is cute! 

Philanthropy Events
My Baking skills... hopefully they will improve
And, of course, selfies galore!

Happy Pinning, ReBlogging, and Following :)