13 December 2013

When TFM Goes Right

like almost any college student who pays any attention to Greek life,
I am a follower and regular reader of TFM

Typically more for comic relief than actual news, I will visit the Twitter or web page to see what's going on. What pledges have been dragging giant Christmas trees around campus and which chapters are throwing crazy parties. Yes, it's about as much a guilty pleasure of mine as Gossip Girl or eating a whole thing of Ben and Jerry's out of the tub. 

But, this past week Jared of TFM wrote the best article I've ever read on the site. It showed that frat guys actually do have a heart- and realistic expectations of women! Following the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, that I watched white eating cookies and Reese's and feeling bad about myself, Jared wrote an article about why we, as girls, shouldn't want to look like one of those models. I clicked the link thinking "oh, this should be good.

read the article here

Spoiler Alert: It was good. 

It was better than anything I'd read on TFM to date. Jared's points were valid, but that's besides the point. What he recognized in his article was that girls are real actual humans, who like froyo and is going to be more in life than a supermodel (not that supermodels aren't actual humans... but I think they're nearing their own breed). The girls that a normal guy is going to come into contact with is going to care a lot more about the world and a lot less about an ankle sprain. 

So, I had to document this post by saying, thank you Jared
Thank you for making me feel better about myself after your article.