19 December 2013

What I've Had Up My Sleeve

So, I mentioned that I had a few surprises for this holiday season and I am excited (and slightly nervous) to show the first one! After much thought and admiration of other "vloggers", I've decided to try it out! Because I am not a whiz at computers or video, and because writing is my first love, the posts will not be as frequent as here on the blog. Regardless, I have uploaded my first "Hello" video, that I am excited to share! 

I have no clue what the future of my YouTube channel holds... maybe some tutorials or video diary-type things. It's definitely a new element for me and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I'm going to need to improve my editing skills as well as get more comfortable with the whole process, but it's new and different and an extension of who I am! 

I hope you enjoy my awkwardness in the video!