06 December 2013


since today is officially the last day of classes of my first semester of college, I thought that it'd only be appropriate to reflect on these past months. Entering this semester, I was told over and over about how much fun I'd have and how much I'd learn. Everyone was 100% correct- have learned so much. Of course I've learned in my classes and from my professors, but I've also learned a lot about myself... and that's what I'm going to share. 

disclaimer: don't take these too seriously- they've got a twinge of humor attached to them

1. I am a morning person. When "morning" is when I wake up on my own and don't have an overwhelming amount of work to do that day.
2. I am definitely an introvert. But that doesn't mean that I'm shy or submissive.
3. I thought I was good at talking to adults. I'm actually not. I get nervous and talkreallyfast and avoid eye contact. All bad.
4. While I don't need Greek Life to define me, there's still a part of me that wants it to be a part of me.
5. I talk with my hands. This becomes a sort of flailing when there's a cute boy in the room and I want him to notice me.
6. While I'm definitely not more productive from 8 pm-12 am, that is when I get the most work done.
7. I hate the cold. I actually already knew this, but walking miles in it daily has increased this hatred.
see 8
8. My life can be summed up into one emoji
9. I have a soft spot for frat boys. I know they're crazy but...
10. I still hate rap music, but Miley Cyrus + Rap is so bad it's good (you know I'm right)
11. It's really easy to get on a prof's good side- go to class and actually say hi to them
12. I learn a lot more from Google and YouTube for my classes than I do from the book
13. I am an auditory learner. I now read my notes aloud to myself & if that's not creepy and nerdy I don't know what is.
14. I instantly feel alive after a brush my teeth- it's saved me a few times from falling asleep studying
15. I do not like doing laundry... or maybe I just hate walking all my dirty clothes down to the basement only to find that there are no free machines.............
16. I have this very sassy side to me that I never let be known in high school but now runs rampant here at Purdue
17. I talk in my sleep.. about chemistry. 
18. I can survive at least 36 hours on caffeine and caffeine alone
19. I can't study in the library... or any place that is too quiet. I will go crazy.
20. I actually am capable of making friends. And darn good ones, at that. 

And there you have it, 20 things I've learned this first semester. I'm sure I could go on and on and on, but I'll spare you the time on that one. Plus, I need to get studying. Finals week is this week. Eek!