30 May 2014

The Lilly Holy Grail

There are a few Lilly items that are just so rare but so perfect. Top of my list? The collector Barbie and the Monopoly game. I've been searching online and just realized to look at Ebay! While the Monopoly game is still nowhere to be found, the Barbie has surfaced on Ebay and I'm dying. 

I have no place for it now, but someday when I have a big closet, it'd be the greatest little display to have by all of my Lillys. Am I crazy for wanting to put it on my wish list for my birthday/ Christmas?! I don't care- it's there and will remain there. I was always a "doll" girl growing up. I loved my American Girl Dolls and had probably 100 barbies. I'm sure there are still those awful little shoes laying around somewhere in this house... Anyways I think this is a beautiful merger of my childhood and the young woman/ Lilly lover that I am now. Maybe it's simply a justification for myself, but I'm going with it!

If anyone loves me oh so much and is looking for a heartfelt gift, this is it! 
*hint* I know you're reading this, mom ;) *hint*
Seriously, not a bargain but it'd be treasured.